Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Huge Giveaway

Okay so over at Dad blogs they are giving away this playset:

Isn't it great? It's made by Kids Creations We have never had a playset in our backyard and our three girls would love this one. We once had a trampolene but we had to sell it when we moved-so now we just have a bare backyard. This playset has so much for my kids to do and it will last forever-the quality is superb and I am not going to have to worry about how secure it is. If we win this, we can spend less time at the overcrowded park and more time on our own turf. I can't wait for summer. Click Here for details on how you can enter to win this great giveaway-and you can enter more than once.


Joeprah said...

Best of luck! Hope you enter as many times as you can because I am sure the competition will be tough. ~ Joe, Team Dad Blogs

Btflgal said...

Good luck, I am pulling for you! I love keeping up with your family :)