Monday, March 30, 2009


I wanted to post some more pictures of the girls this week. Today I snapped some of Brooke and here are the best ones:
Babbling Brooke:Begging Brooke-so FUNNY!!
I laughed so hard with this one because she wanted me to pick her up and was hoding her hands up so I just pointed the camera down at her and snapped-my view of her was obstructed by the camera-since I was holding it at a weird angle-hoping just to get her in it. Anyway when I looked at the picture afterwards to see if I came up with anything good or that it wasn't blurry-I had to laugh. IT was so hilarious that she put her hands together like that. It's the saddest little beggar I've ever seen!

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Paul and Celeste said...

I love begging Brooke! That picture will keep you laughing for years. :-)