Tuesday, March 17, 2009

10 things I hate--I mean LOVE, about Me

Okay as a woman, at times it is difficult not to find the "flaws" in ourselves so I am starting this 10 things I love about Me..Tag. If you are a woman-you are tagged. The rules are obvious-just list 10 things you Love about yourself and then tag others. Everyone needs to look at themselves and see the wonderful things that are there that make them unique. Grab all of those discouraging thoughts and toss them out the window-You ARE Beautiful!!!

1. I love my hair-a little superficial but I had to pick it, when i was younger I always wanted curly hair and a darker richer hair color. But I really love alot about my hair-it is long, thick, straight, it doesn't tangle easily-It holds curl really well and even with the many white hairs growing in-I love it. It is really easy to do.
2. I am the kind of person that can speak out. Sometimes I am a bit timid or scared-but if I have a strong opinion about something I will speak up about it.
3. FUN. I am an "up for anything" kind of girl-I love to do whatever is going on at the moment. If someone invites me spur of the moment-I will leave the dishes in the sink and go.
4. I like a tidy house. I love it when my house is spic and span.
5. I overthink just about everything-not something my husband cares too much for-but I like to be cautious about the important things-even if its a little too cautious.
6. I am easily entertained-I laugh at just about anything-Humor is so important to me.
7. I have alot of great friends-if you know me-then you are one of them-i have a hard time excluding people from that list. It just keeps growing and hey the more the merrier right??
8. I got Rhythm-this one brings me so much joy-I love to dance and if i didn't have coordination and rhythm, I think it would be so sad to me.
9. I am a Mother-I think when you become responsible for others, and feel stretched out in so many ways you suddenly are blessed with talents you never knew you had-or even knew existed.
10. I am a Fixer. I am always trying to find the answer to problems. I love fixing things-putting puzzles together and making things right.

Okay so now that you have heard mine-I want to hear yours-after you post your 10 awesome things about yourself-comment on my blog and leave your blog address so I can come over and read the beautiful things about You.


Mikaela said...

What a great post! I am rhythm-ly feel sorry for me! haha! :) And, you really described what a great person you are Arin! Your husband and girls should realize how lucky they are, that you are their wife and mom! I know I'm lucky to be your friend!

Moms Most Wanted said...

Just wanted to let you know you won over at Mom's Most Wanted! We didn't have an email address for you, so we couldn't contact you. If you'd like to claim your prize, head on over and click our contact tab. Congratulations!!!
The Moms

NaDell said...

I love it! You really are a lot of fun!
Maybe I'll do this one soon.