Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Helping others out and a fun way to win online bucks.

Help others save:

Overseas coupon program is a program that takes expired coupons and gives them to overseas military families that can still use them. Since I have a few family members serving in the Military this is something that I am going to try to do more frequently. You need to make sure that your coupons aren't more than two months expired else they can't be used. I am a coupon cutter-and many times-I don't go through all of my coupons before they expire-or I don't use certain ones. This is a great way allow others' to benefit from them-instead of just tossing them out. Because really every little bit helps.

Help yourself earn:

Haven't joined swagbucks yet? It is really easy..all you do is use their search engine and you can win swag bucks. Then you can redeem these swag bucks for great prizes like gift cars from Target, Amazon, itunes, even Southwest. Just click here to register for free and start earning your swagbucks.

Another easy way to earn some extra change is to join Youdata. It pays you when you look at company's online advertisements-it was a lot of fun. You fill out a profile so that the advertisements you view will be ones that are catered to your specific interests. Click here to join for free and start putting a little extra change back in your purse. I made $5 my first day in about 20 minutes.

Free Movie Rental Wednesday from Redbox- enter code: 75EA16 to get your 1-day free rental-good until midnight tonight. Enjoy.

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