Friday, March 20, 2009

A Green Family Activity.

Every year that we could, we have planted a garden. Since we weren't able to do much last year because we moved back in to our home at the end of July, we are excited to start one up this year. The girls really love helping us with the gardening work and they got to pick up rocks today and help clear weeds with us tonight. I hope this is something they never tire of-they get so excited when it comes time to pick anything. It's something that our family does together that we all enjoy doing. We are starting a little earlier this year than we have in the past-we usually wait until most of the starts go on sale. But this year we are going to try to do alot of our garden starting with seeds inside. Here is our list so far:

Green Beans
Tomatoes (roma and Beefsteak)
Parsnips (I had these for the first time earlier this year and really like them)

We will get zucchini, and sweet onions later. And we bought 4 Raspberry bushes to plant along the back of our yard along the fenceline where they will get plenty of sun. I can't wait-I hope they produce some this year. We planted strawberries a few years ago and never got any fruit from them-just a bunch of runners. I have transplanted a few of the runners hoping they might produce something-we'll see. If you have any suggestions about what to do with them-I am up for advice because we are really close to just ripping them out completely and planting new ones. Also I need advice on starting seeds indoors, since this is a first for me-what things have helped you??


NaDell said...

Last year I bought some of those Jiffy (I think that's what they were) start pot things (they didn't make my tomatoes grow more than an inch or two and they never matured before dying.
The year before, I planted tomato and pepper seeds in plastic disposable cups and spread them on an old cookie sheet to carry them in and out of the sun (I did that last year too) and they worked great!

We really like tomatoes, so we plant the cherry/grape and pear (the yellow ones) too. They are easier for kids to eat.

My strawberries are still doing great after 2 years. This will be the 3rd. I can't take credit though. A lady in my ward was thinning hers and gave me some.

Keep us updated on your garden.
We get to rotatill soon. Yea! I love gardens. I just hate weeding.

Arin said...

Nadell, You're lucky you get to rototill-we had to turn our soil all by hand-because our sprinkler system isn't very deep. It is hard work but so worth it.

NaDell said...

We inherited the rotatiller from Andy's uncle since they built a brand new house and didn't have room for everything. The ground is so hard here.
We water with a little sprinkler, but this year we are hooked up to have a drip system put in. One that we can take off to rotatill when the garden is done.

Melissa said...

Good luck with the strawberries. I was told that after you transplant, with some varieties it can take up to 2 years to bear fruit. Also, with some varieties (different from the other kind) you need to transplant every 3 years to continur the fruit. So I would google to see what kind you have! good luck! :)