Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Albertsons Bargains!!!

Last night at Albertsons I got this:

24 Boxes post cereal
2 Boxes Wheat Thins
2 Boxes Triscuits
4 boxes Ritz Crackers
4 boxes Hard taco shells
4 boxes Crystal Light-single serving packets
4 1-lb kraft cheese blocks

44 ITEMS=$49.62 plus received an extra $3.00 off coupon on my next purchase and .20 off per gallon on my next purchase on gas. Not bad considering most of the items are usually more than $2 at Walmart-so I got them at least 50% off. They were all out of the cereal I had coupons for-otherwise I would have had an additional $8 off my total. I am going back to see if they stock them later this week.

For every 6 boxes of cereal you got $5 coupon to use-so I broke my cereal up into 4 transactions..and used the coupon that printed out for the previous transaction on the next. Then the crackers had $1/2 off coupons for the wheat thins and(used 2) $1/1 off on the ritz when you buy kraft cheese (any size)(used 4). Plus b2g1free coupon for crystal light (used 1). And for each $10 you spend on mix and match items you get $3 automatically off-which i qualified for 4 of those. I got all ofthe coupons except one at the store-so hurry before the coupons are all gone-they saved me $6. If you can find post cereal coupons-you will get an even better discount on the cereal-so look for them.


Jake and Angie said...

Good Deal! I'm impressed.

NaDell said...

Great JOB!
I love finding great deals, but don't normally get to combine them all at once.
Thanks so much for sharing. (I put it on our ward financial site.)