Friday, June 26, 2009

Whitney's Party

Whitney wanted to have a turtle-themed birthday party this year. We made her invitations in the shape of turtles and that's where it all started. We started out the party with some games. First was goin' fishing. The kids sat in a circle with one child in the middle who was blindfolded. The kids passed a fish around the circle while the child in the middle counted to 20. Then whoever had the fish when the counting was done hid it behind his/her back and the child in the middle guessed who had the fish. The next game was a turtle relay race..we split up into two teams and the kids had to crawl on their hands and knees to the other side of the room with a laundry basket on their back *turtle shell*. Next we made a craft-Turtle habitat jars. The kids each got their own toy turtle and decorated jars with foam seaweed-starfish and other fish life to create a little home for their turtle. Then Whitney blew out her candles and everyone enjoyed Turtle cupcakes, gummy sharks and fish and goldfish crackers as treats.
Thanks mom for the turtle mold-the cupcakes turned out so cute!!

The Turtle Habitats:

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David and Kira said...

What a cute idea!!