Friday, June 12, 2009

New Changes to Swagbucks!!

Swagbucks now randomly draws an hourly winner!! And you now can enter your swagcodes on their main page. Okay so Swagbucks, if you haven't heard of it-is a way you can earn great prizes by searching the web using the swagbucks search engine. Today is Friday which means that you can win 10,20,50 or even 100 swagbucks all at once. Usually you earn 1-5 swagbucks on other days. So Today would be a great day to get started and start searching and win some big swagbucks-you can then use your swagbucks to buy all types of prizes at the swagbucks store-they have all sorts of things-I like thier Gift cards personally. Check it out-click on the picture banner below:

Search & Win

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