Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thank YOU Youtube!!

So Wednesday night means So you think you can dance night. Because I am at mutual, I get to watch SYTYCD on youtube the next day to see what i missed out on the night before. Last night was the first night the top 20 danced and here are my favorite routines:

Hip Hop routine with Philipp and Jeanine -LOVE this-it is up there with Bleeding Love from last year as one of my all time favorite dances yet. T&N now my favorite choreographers.
Contemporary with Melissa and ADe--so so so BEAUTIFUL
SAMBA withKayla and Max--Great rhythm--love her dress-AMAZING.
FOXTROT with Janette and Brandon- one word ELEGANT

Next were Evan and Randi's contemporary-and Kaitlyn and Josh's Bollywood routines they were delightful -I liked them both-but weren't my favorites.
Then the Cha cha routine-was fun but the girls could have been sharper-would have been awesome had he had a different partner. The other routines were forgettable. I cannot wait for more--LOVE this tv show-it is my favorite.

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maryellen said...

I actually voted, for once, for Melissa and ADe.. It was inspired.