Saturday, June 20, 2009

Don't rain on my's my birthday

I came home early from gilrs camp to be home for Whitney's birthday. I did some last minute shopping then took Whitney and Amber out to icecream Friday. When Joe got home from work it was off to the parade an hour early to get the best seats we could-which also meant the dryest ones too-since it was raining. Whitney walked with me to get pizza for dinner and she commented how this was the worst birthday ever because it was raining. I reminded her that not everyone got a parade on their birthday and that seemed to change her mind.
You can just feel the friendship!!

A bunch of silly girls with their makeshift hats that double as chair bags and candy holders!!Brookie with Grandpa

I wasn't going to put this picture in because it didn't get all of Brookes' face-but it still was so cute that i couldn't resist.

Whenever there was music playing Amber would start dancing-i wish i had recorded the first time she spontaneously busted a move at the parade but this one should give you a good idea how well this girl likes to get her groove on!

After the parade we went home and had Birthday cake and Whitney opened the rest of her presents. She really likes turtles and since I won't get her one for a pet i found a few plastic toy ones that i arranged on top of her cake-She loved it!!One of her favorite presents-A wooden magnet dress up doll set! Grandma got her some deodorant-only when she's this age would she be excited to get that as a birthday present!! lol!! BTW-grandma did get her othe fun pretty things too-like earrings and lip gloss!!

And one last conversation to end with:

Me: I am so excited about one of the presents I am giving you!!

Whitney: Is it a kissing journal?? yeah i am freaking out over that answer but calmly

I reply: No, what is a kissing journal?

Whitney: It's a journal that you kiss when you miss someone.

Relieved I ask: So who told you about a kissing journal?

Whitney: my friend

Me: which friend

Whitney: my invisible one

Me: does she have a name?

Whitney: just Someone-and I can talk to her whenever I want to.

Great name for an invisible friend I just learned that she had-who I guess tells her about kissing journals-thankfully not the same kind I was thinking of.


Megan said...

That is hilarious! I need a kissing journal too. Amber's a great dancer! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun even though it was raining!

Mikaela said...

How funny! Despite the rain, she does look happy with her birthday! I can't believe she's getting so old already. Time definately flies!!!!!!!