Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cost of Laundry just went down

That's right -with coupons of course. Here is a list of websites where you can print off coupons for your favorite laundry care items. My favorite detergent is Arm and Hammer-it is inexpensive and paired with $1 off coupon-is a super affordable choice.

Arm and Hammer $1 off 1
Whisk $1 off 1
All small and Mighty $1 off 1
Purex 3 in 1 $1 off 1
Biz $1 off 1
Clorox anywhere fabric spray

Snuggle softener $1 off 1

Spray n Wash Bright and White Bleach Alt $1.50 off 1
Dryel, Dreft, Downy and Febreeze coupons by mail

Keep an Eye out for the ProctorandGamble brand saver coupon book in the Sunday paper July 5th.

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