Monday, April 27, 2009

When and if...

When and If you other moms have free time, how do you spend it?? I was discussing how I like to spend my free time just the other day and thought I'd share my favorite things:

1. Cuddle my girls-whether its when I'm reading them a book or watching a movie.
2. Making my daughters laugh-there is something unique about how each of them giggle-it's contagious and it touches my heart.
3.Go on a date with hubby-it can be anything-it's just nice to get out of the house with just the two of us.
4. Go camping-when there is enough "free time" to allow this.

1. Visit the temple-The peace it brings me is priceless.
2. Dance-I love it-any kind, doesn't matter. I just love to groove!
3. Read-I love to read fiction and nonfiction both-I love to learn new things and to be entertained by my own imagination through reading.
4. Sleep-Joe will tell you that he thinks this is my #1-catching up on sleep is heavenly.
5. Fixing things-sounds like work to some of you-but I really like the challenge of coming up with a solution or making something right after it's been broken.
6. Girls night out-one time a month I get together with my gal friends and that!

Okay so there are a few of mine-what are yours???

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NaDell said...

I like to make treats or crafts with the kids, watch a movie with husband, and for me, I like to do little craft projects.
I also like to do a lot of the things you do too, especially sleep!