Monday, April 06, 2009

Fred Meyer Deals

Okay so occasionally I go to Fred Meyer-because it is the closest grocery store to my house, it happens more frequently than I would like..but this week I grabbed some super deals to help me with my food storage:

I used their coupons from their weekly ad to buy:
6- 16 oz butter 3/$4--$1.33 each (limit 6)
4- 5 lb bag flour 4/$5 $1.25 each (limit 4)
and 4 lb of strawberries for $5.88 which is $1.47/lb

Those are the sweet deals I thought were great.
I am going to attempt dry packing the flour in bigger containers. Freezing the butter. And I will be making jam out of the strawberries!! I have more coupons coming to me in the mail so when I get them I will post the other fabulous finds I will save even more on. FYI-Alberstons will double your coupons-up to$1 each and only 3 per transaction. So you can find some stellar buys if you pick your items right-maybe free.

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