Monday, April 13, 2009

My coupon deals:

Albertsons Deals

8 bottles of salad dressing and 10 pasta rice sides
before coupons=$25.96 after coupons +5 Catalina+10 instant savings=$3.46
plus recieved 2 10% coupons and 1 $10/25 off fashion bug .
2 Skippy peanut butter,3 crystal light on the go, 6 nabisco crackers,
1 stuffing mix, 1 bag coconut, 4 boxes lipton soup mix, 9 salad dressing
before coupons=$52.33 after coupons and $20 instant savings=$16.33
plus received another $10/30 off coupon for fashion bug.
Also I get $20 rebate for ham/turkey through Unilever
+ I have gas rewards $.40 off per gallon of gas -woohoo!!
Walgreens Colgate classic toothbrush $ .49
Colgate Max fress toothbrush $3.29
Tree Tea/mint shampoo 6.99=11.42
after coupons =9.92
after mail in rebate of 6.99
total oop =2.93 + received $3.50 Register Rewards so I made + $.57
Don't you love it when they pay you?
still trying to snag the free mentos gumwith my coupons,
but it seems that the early birds got them all.


Jake and Angie said...

Where do you get all these coupons? It doesn't help that I only live by an Exxon, and the closest town only has a Safeway. No ALbertsons! Darn it.

Charlene said...

You snagged some good bargains! Thanks for linking to Mission Possible, I appreciate it!

Charlene said...
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Things Moms Like said...

You got some good deals! I need to do this, too! We don't have Albertson's here, but I always loved that store on the West Coast. A lot of my local mommy friends get good deals everywhere, though.