Wednesday, April 22, 2009

$64 Coupons on Pet products giveaway!!

Okay so we don't have a cat or a dog-but I have tons of coupons for both of these pet. So I will be giving away two sets of coupons-one for the cat lover and the man's best friend of your household. Just leave a comment stating which set of coupons you want-cat or dog. If you want to try to win both sets just leave a seperate cat and dog comment. This giveaway ends on Saturday April 25 12 midnight. The winners will be chosen randomly and contacted on Monday April 27th. Good luck!!

$32 worth coupons of Cat products Purina, Goodlife, Meowmix, Pounce + more
$32 worth coupons off Dog products such as Purina, Pedigree, Milkbone+more


Jake and Angie said...

My mom has a dog, so what the heck! DOG!!!!

Rebecca said...

I have a cutie Carin terrier so doggy!!

marciekoch said...

ok, I'll bite on this one...Samson would love some coupons for his treats! :) *dog*

Melissa said...

Hey, I would LOVE, LOVE. LOVE the CAT one. Pick me *smile*

cpullum said...

I have a lab so I would love the dog coupons!