Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ice Sledding??

Since we decided to go sledding the day after everyone else had...the hill we chose was packed down good and frozen into this:

After two runs we and watching a few people slide out into the road below-NOT JOKING..we decided to head to a safer spot. Luckily there was a perfect place just a few minute away where no one else was sledding-just wonderful. When it got dark, we packed all the kids up and headed to the Gingerbread house:Check out these adorable cousins!!

The Gingerbread House got it's name because it looks like a Gingerbread House-this guy works for the power company and every year he lights his house like this:
Our Family enjoying the Lighted Archway in Front of the House.


GSGC StrongFamily said...

Arin- Gary just told me your mom had given him your email address- and that you might have some questions for us. He misplaced it, so here's our email: We'd be more than happy to help in any way we can!

Brooklet said...

That snow does not look soft and fluffy at all! It looks like it would hurt big time if there was a wipe out! But it looks like your girls enjoyed it anyways!