Sunday, December 14, 2008

Spirit of Christmas is upon us.

Okay while i was at mutual on Wednesday night-someone anonymously treated us with a christmas tree on our porch. No we hadn't gotten our tree yet-as we are the kind that wait 2 weeks before christmas to do so-I find it annoying when the tree starts to dry out. Anyway-the kids were super excited because we weren't going to get one until the weekend and here it was three days early. Whitney could not wait to decorate it. I had a lot of fun teaching the kids how to make paper snowflakes and hangning ornaments. Here is our tree so far(I still plan to add more to it):
And ofcourse as many of you are enjoying it as well-we got hit with about two inches of snow yesterday and today it just kept on coming down and the forecast shows more on it's way. Here are the girls playing in our backyard wonderland of snow:
Hey mom-look you can see my teeth!! I just had to add this picture of Brooke I found-she is looking so grown up-and pretty!

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Brooklet said...

Brooke looks so beautiful in that last picture! Enjoy the snow and merry christmas.