Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The beginning half of my day...

First, because my neighbor's child was sick-I took Whitney to school this morning-ofcourse i found this out five minutes before school started when whitney came running home from their house to explain this to me. So I threw on more decent clothes on the children and strapped them in the van in record timing. After dropping her off with a note explaining her tardiness, I started my quest. Joe needs a scout shirt for his pack meeting on thursday night-because he is presenting the arrow of light award to one of his scouts and everyone should be in uniform. Okay-so I scoured three thrift stores-then continued on to D.I. -the most likely place to have one and found they were closed due to computer issues. I then went to the dollar store and spent $4 total on decorations. Came home-made lunch, put Brooke down for a nap, and started fixing up my house. By two o'clock my house was clean and decorated more in christmas cheer and I had a roast cooking away. I have to say that i was pretty impressed with myself-did i mention that i also did some laundry too?
Just one of todays' projects: The stockings are hung:


Brian and Jennifer said...

Way to go momma! Isn't a great feeling to get so much done in so little time. Doesn't happen too often for me, but when it does it's great. You were busy.

Jake and Angie said...

Congrats on getting things done! Do you think you could email me your address, I'm not sure if I have it!