Monday, December 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Brooke and Grandpa!!

Yesterday Brooke turned 1 year old and my Dad ...well lets leave that up to him to tell you what age he is now. Anyway we woke up and as Joe's tradition is-he can't wait to have the kids open their presents so yes-even before Breakfast Brooke opened hers:
We had cake after dinner-a tradition that I stick with. It was so funny to watch because instead of diving into the cake with gusto like my other two girls did at that age-she prettily ate with her pincher grasp and barely got any frosting or cake crumbs on her. I mean we are used to laying down a tarp and hosing the children down after thier first birthdays because usually they would have cake up their noses, in thier hair-their eyelashes-one even had gotten some in her ear. But not with Brooke-she ate so delicately and clean that all I had to do was wash her hands and wipe that frosting mustache off her face. Already a little lady.


Mikaela said...

Happy Birthday Brooke! I cannot believe she's a year already. How funny she didn't dive right in. I have a picture of McKay face-planted right in some cake! Her hair is getting so long...I love the "pixie-doll" look...if you even know what those are! hehe!

David and Kira said...

Yeah for Brooke! 1st birthdays are almost more fun for the parents!!

Melissa said...

so fun. Actually my kids didn't really dive in either....she's a cutie!