Friday, January 09, 2009

two weeks...

So it has been about two weeks since i last blogged so i thought I would just recap what happened since my last post. After Christmas, Joe's younger brother departed and the next day his older brother ascended with his family of 6. His eldest son had a basketball tournament that weekend so came up early to celebrate the new years with us. We went to the YMCA to go swimming, played board/card games and ate alot of sweets. *which wasn't good for my weight loss goal* Joe got the 24 hr flu then his brother got it. Thankfully noone else did. I felt like we were living in a lysol world few days. It was fun to go to my nephew's basketball games. They took second and lost the championship game by only 2-3 points-can't remember exactly but it was really close and both teams were deserving. Luckily all of the girls behaved well for all 5 games. It was alot of fun to enjoy the company of both families. We really enjoyed having them stay with us.

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