Thursday, April 17, 2008

Making memories for my children and my family

So I feel that maybe my children and myself spend too much time on the computer/watching T.V. etc. So in order to make time more meaningful on a daily basis I searched for some activities for me to do with the kids when we got too bored with reading books and coloring. Here is a great website I have found that you may or may not have looked at yourself:,4945,31-1-15-1,00.html

My favorite activites that I would like to try with my family are these:
The first two are Rainy Day fun: *we have rain in our forecast*
1. Collect rain in containers and use it to wash your hair, put in mom's iron, water the houseplants, or put in your car battery
2. Have each person mark a line on a container showing where they think the water line will be when the rain stops. The person closest to the actual line is the winner.

3.Mosaics. Almost any material can be used for a mosaic: tiles, broken glass, nutshells, macaroni, wood pieces, or stones. Have your family each find several small things in your yard, on the beach, in the park, or in the school yard and arrange them on a piece of wood, gluing them down in some design. You may want to spray the whole piece with gold paint after the glue dries.

4."What Do You Hear." Have all the family members close their eyes for one whole minute, listen, and note all the sounds they hear. After a minute, have them open their eyes and take turns naming the sounds they heard.
*I'm going to use this one with amber while we wait for whitney at the bus stop.

5."Ball Tag." Play tag with a ball by letting everyone run around and dodge the ball that the person who is "it" is trying to touch players with. The player who is touched becomes "it" and tries to touch someone else with the ball.
*When I babysat i called this "sock tag" because we used a pair of rolled up socks-this was how I survived the schultz's.

Hope you all check it out and find it motivating and full of ideas for you to do with your families as well.


Mikaela said...

What great suggestions. I'm always looking for ways of "entertaining" McKay. I'm defiantely using this in the future. Thanks for the heads up Arin!

Carrie said...

We're going to have to try some of these; it's rainy here too. Thanks for sharing them.

Brian and Jenn said...

Sounds like fun ideas. I'll have to check the website out. And thanks for the dieting tips. I just have to have the will power to do the right thing.

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