Monday, April 28, 2008

Capturing moments

So Last night after putting the children to bed, Joe came and got me and took me to stand outside their door. What I heard was Whitney saying more prayers-
Whitney: "Heavenly Father please tell people not to drink coffee-just tell them so they wont, They aren't supposed to, its bad-if you can just tell them......"
Joe whispered to me: "Are we getting instruction or giving instruction." It was so cute and kindof funny that i just had to share.

Her are a few other things that my kids do at the moment:

Amber doesn't just give you one kiss goodnight she has to kiss you on both cheeks and then lips-she will grab your face and move your head to make sure she gets all three.

Whitney calls marshmallows-Smarshmallows-it's really very cute.

Amber doesn't understand that screaming and waving her hands at a cat while chasing it won't get it to come to her to be petted.


Jake and Angie said...

That is so funny about Amber and the cat.

Em & M's said...

That prayer was great! So funny, but it also lets you know you're doing something right :)

Mikaela said...

Your girls are so sweet. Whitney is such a sweetheart...I'm not surprised by her concern for others to not drink coffee.

Love the thought of Amber running and screaming towards a cat! Too funny!

Brooklet said...

That is sweet. I love to hear the prayers of little kids- they are so thoughtful and full of faith.

Brian and Jenn said...

Love the comments. Too sweet.