Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Blessing Day

Well We finally got Brookie blessed-She's almost 17 lbs and 4 months, but she didn't fuss one bit. I was a little worried because she has a pretty nasty cold and has been cranky lately on account of it. Look at this cute girl-doesn't she look happy?? My mom made her dress and it turned out just beautiful !

Here are the older girls in thier Easter dresses. If you look closely at Whitney's picture you will see her newly pierced ears-daddy gave the okay so off we went-it took her about twenty minutes of fretting and crying until she got brave enough-afterwards her reply was "that was it?" All that worrying for nothing.


Mikaela said...

The girls look gorgeous in their Easter dresses. I'm so sorry I missed Brooke's baby blessing. I just feel like the biggest flake. If you look up flake in the dictionary it really is me these days! Glad she didn't fuss during, and her dress is awesome. Your mom did a great job!

Jake and Angie said...

Your girls look so cute. My first reaction to Whitney's ear piercing was "what she's only 5(almost 6)" Then I realized that I was about that age when I got mine pierced. Of course now I'm allergic to anything but really expensive earrings. I blame it on years of wearing those earrings that are cheap, but so cool looking (like basketball ones, or baseball ones, or pizza ones, you name it, I had it)

David and Kira said...

Whitney is a little you, Arin! Same reaction with the pierced ears! I thought that sounded young too, but I was only 3 when I got mine! I look forward to my girls getting theirs. I think it looks so pretty on them!

Your mom did a great job on the dress. It's so pretty!