Monday, April 07, 2008


Okay so those of you who have followed the NCAA Basketball tournament know that the championship game match up is between Kansas and Memphis. All of my teams that I picked eventually lost and got the boot except Kansas who I have down for winning it. And so this year I have beaten Joe on our bracket game because his final two (UCLA, NC) both lost in the last rounds. So tonight is the big game and I will be tuning out dance for basketball-something that very rarely happens if you know anything about me. And I will be hollering for Kansas while Joe, as usual, will be going for the opposing team. GO JAYHAWKS!!!!!


David and Kira said...

We watched the end- just before the 3 was hit to go into over time! What a great game!

Arin said...

It was such an exciting game that i told joe going into overtime that i wouldn't really mind who won it because it was such an entertaining game to watch. But I am glad Kansas won afterall they really fought for it.

Jake and Angie said...

I was going for Kansas, because they beat North Carolina. I was going for North Carolina to lose... As any loyal Duke fan would do.
And thanks to Memphis's horrid free throw shooting, Kansas was able to win.