Sunday, January 31, 2010

Questions answered..

Saturday morning I wasn't feeling too well-a bit dizzy and faint and told Joe about it. I have to admit I felt something was wrong and went to lay down. Well later that day I found out why:
I recieved a letter stating that my glucose test went fine this week-no gest. diabetes here. On the other hand-my iron levels are low. So the dr. wants me to start taking an iron supplement. I will do it, but I am not looking forward to it as whenever I take iron-my nausea gets worse. On the otherhand-I don't want to become anemic before baby is born-so it's one of those sacrifices I again get to make. I am crossing my fingers that my levels go back up to normal and that I don't get too sick again. At least I only have two more months. I am starting to get really excited that the end is nearing and soon well see our little surprise!!


Ryan and Carrie said...

Bummer...I had that with my last pregnancy and it wasn't too bad :) I hope that it doesn't make you too nauseated as it didn't for me but it did help me to feel like I had more energy...Just drink more water with it!!

Candria said...

I've had to take the supplements a lot over the last year. I found one that was a slow release iron pill. See if you can find it! It is a lot easier on your stomach! I found it at Walmart. Also, this last time the nurse told me I could take flinstones vitamins and eat more spinach because I was borderline anemic. That worked pretty well too! Good luck!

MOM said...

My poor baby... Hope all is well. Tell me your due date. What day YOU think. I need to plan. I will wipe out a week before and after just in case. Love ya.. mom

Arin said...

Sorry mom-I don't have a date for guess is that the Dr. will strip my membranes probably at my appt on the 5th to hopefully see if that will help me go naturally and then induce me that weekend if not. Because he couldn't induce me with Amber-my body wasn't ready and since I progress very slowly-dr said we will just have to wait and see but he definitely doesn't want me going all the way to my due date on the 15th.