Monday, January 25, 2010

Day of Basketball and very warm PJ's

Saturday was Whitney's first Basketball game. She did okay considering this was the first time she ever played. She did better defensively than offensively. So we definitely know what we need to work on. Then Later that night we went to our local college girls basketball game-we were able to get in for free. The girls had alot of fun and Whitney got to watch how the "Big Girls" play ball. Amber danced during the breaks and was actually caught on camera and got to display her moves on the big screen-she was so excited about that. I have to admit we were a little nervous about how this outing would go-but the girls really did well and between the game, the band, dancers and cheerleaders-it provided enough distraction that we only had to buy 1 bucket of popcorn to help us through the event.

Brooke saw a guy cheering like this-so she decided to mimic him.

Joe, Brooke and Whitney watching the game.

I wish I had gotten a picture of Amber getting her groove on but this picture tells another story completely. A few nights ago-I went in to check the girls as they were sleeping and found Amber all bundled up like this...then noticed Whitney dressed similarly. When I asked the girls about it the next morning Whitney said they were scared that someone was going to break into the house so they got ready to leave if it happened. Too funny. The wind was pretty fierce that night so I don't blame them too much for feeling a little spooked. It sure made me chuckle. Don't you just love kids!!

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