Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Naming Game

As I am entering my third tri-mester, time seems to be flying and I am starting to think of baby names. Right now Joe and I are finding it difficult to agree on names-as usual. Obviously with the girls' names-I like traditional names that aren't outdated but also that have normal spellings. So I am open for suggestions for both boy and girl names. I am also curious what you think I will have Girl or Boy? So I have added a poll on the left of my blog-so if you want to guess, have fun! Ofcourse I may be adding more polls later like hair color, eye color etc-it will be exciting for sure to finally see what this little one is and what he/she will look like. 14 more weeks!!

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Synergy Girl said...

April 15th??!! FUN!! Well, definately DON'T ask me about names...I am having problems all on my own! Our kids all have brand names...which was coincidence at first, and now we do it on purpose...but on top of that, the girl name has to end in "Y". The ones I like my husband doesn't, and there are a few that I am indecisive about...sigh...I couldn't imagine trying to nail down two for each gender!! I envy that you can wait to find out...I have NO PATIENCE!!!