Monday, February 08, 2010

Another Poll

Okay so my last poll brought a 60/40 split with majority voting I'd have another girl. I haven't posted for a while-so I thought I'd put up a new poll. Here is the next guessing game. I know I have told you all that my Dr. doesn't want me to go all the way to my due date for fear that this baby will be bigger than my last-which is the pattern with me. So he will most likely try to start me early-probably around April 5th (10 days before my due date) -not totally induce me-just try to strip my membranes and see if this baby will come on it's own. Last time I did this, I had no success. Whitney was overdue-Amber was a week early and Brooke came 1 day shy of her due date. So my next poll will be when you think the baby will be born-obviously it won't be overdue-as the doc will induce me before that happens. So vote on the poll at the left and we'll see what you predict. Won't it be fun to go through and compare the polls with the actual results? Oh and just to make things interesting-we asked doc to induce us with Amber the day before she actually came-and he said she was too high and my body wasn't ready yet-so he wouldn't. (my water broke that night and she dropped in position) Anyway I was wondering if any of you had wanted to be induced with your babies-but dr. said he couldn't because of baby's positioning or your body not ready. I am trying to figure out what dr will do if again faced with this challenge...hmm.


Synergy Girl said... doctor did that to me last time!! First of all...she wasn't my origional doctor, my regular OB had to stop practicing due to a tumor...which has actually claimed her life makes me so sad...I LOVED HER!! The new doc stepped in the last couple months, and said that since I had a previous C-section she wouldn't induce me until I was late because she didn't know how my body would react, and since I was only 1cm...she didn't think I would dialate....?? ANYHOW, got to go late with that one. I changed docs this time, so I am hoping for a sooner date...that is if this girl will TURN!!!

April Stoker said...

It will come on it's Auntie April's B-day. The 3rd. I've been saying that since you got preggers! =)