Thursday, July 16, 2009


Amber's hair has been cut. Here it is:

We finally cut her hair-well she started it-took some scissors and cut a few strands in front chin level-I really could have kept her hair long and tapered it but since it was almost down to her bottom we just decided it was best to whack it off and donate it. I will really miss doing her hair in twisty braids-or "round and rounds" as she likes to call them. And I am positive I will have a harder time doing her hair from now on with not much length to work with-but her hair is so super thick that it looks really cute like this. It matches her personality more.

On another note- My thoughts on So you think you can dance last night. Finally Jason has shown me that he deserves to be in this competition. This dance that he danced with Janine was phenominal, choreographed by Travis-and was my favorite of the night. Way to go you two!! Sadly the two who I think will be going home is Randy and Kapono-both just didn't bring it as much as the rest-but two of my favorite personalities this season.


The Lords said...

SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! I LOVED her long hair but this hair style totally fits! Way stinkin cute!!

Candria said...

That is one adorable little girl!!!

Toni-Lynn @ Grocery Price Blog said...

Thanks for the Monte Kristo sandwiches recipe! Can't wait to try it!