Monday, July 06, 2009

Our 4th of July

Saturday we packed up a picnic and took the kids to a park that wasn't very crowded and had lunch. It was relaxing and pretty hot after a bit-so we decided to take a walk down by the river for about an hour.
The girls really loved it and it was great to be around nature on such a beautiful day. We decided to try and take a family picture and so when the area was clear of cyclists, i set up the camera on the stroller. Then tried not to laugh as we heard a cyclist coming as we were waiting or the timer to go off. I was thinking great-i went through all that trouble to set it up perfect and the camera will go off right as the bike goes past. Luckily it took our family picture before the biker came-but unluckily-the camera fell over as the cyclist went past. Again luckily the camera didn't break. Another cyclist actually stopped to take our picture after witnessing the first attempt-he was so nice because he took differnt shots. After he left-i was wondering if that was his day job. LOL.
After we got home-we had a quick nap/dinner and then back out for fireworks. We went to a different show than we normally go to and were pleasantly surprised how nice this show was. We found a great spot and next year will go back. The girls loved it-except Brooke-she was a little uncertain at the loud booms and wimpered a bit..but by the end she was content. Amber was hilarious-jumping up and down the entire time like a jumping bean.

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Jake and Angie said...

It looks like you had a blast. It was nice that you had a nap before fireworks. Only Jacen took a nap for me, so the other 2 were really tired!