Monday, July 13, 2009

Grande Ronde Lake

Last weekend we went camping at Grand Ronde Lake Campground-near North Powder just north of Baker, Oregon. We choose this place because there is only 8 campsites so it's quiet and it's so beautiful +it's a great place to do some fishing. Here are a few pictures of the Lake:

Joe with niece Violet

Here are some pictures of the cousins fishing-Whitney and Michael caught 4 Rainbow Trout-which we all shared for dinner (at least those who like fish did).

We even got to see some deer while up there. One walked into our campsite. Another we saw eating in the meadow down by the lake. And we actually had to stop our car to let three cross the road in front of us as we arrived. It was so fun for the kids to see the wildlife and experience the great outdoors-including the mosquitos, a little bit of rain, smoke from the campfire and chilly nights.


Lucy said...

Hello from the link a thon. Very pretty pictures. I grew up in Upstate NY where it looks like this. Sometimes I miss the quiet as I now live in So Cal. This is a good place for me to find out about. Do they have a waiting list for the camping spots?


Arin said...

no waiting list-it's first come first serve.