Wednesday, July 01, 2009

So you think you can dance

Alright My favorite dances from tonights show were:
Cha Cha Jeanette and Brandon-Smokin' and fun.
Classical Ballet by Melissa and Ade -Beautiful-I loved it.
Quickstep by Karla and Vitolio-Entertaining to the max
Judging from tonights performances the couples I think are in the most trouble for going home are Evan/Randy and Caitlyn/Jason.
Phillip/Janine and Kayla/Kapono 's routines were both good so I really don't know who the third couple would be to join the other two.
With that said my choices to go home would be Jason and Karla-because neither of them really stand out to me in any of their routines.


Jenks Family said...

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mom said...

YOu are right about Brandon and Jeanette... I liked them best.. She is by far my favorite girl. I can not believe they voted Vitolio off... man oh man were they WRONG!!!