Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Whitney's Hair cut.

Whitney had the opportunity to receive a free haircut thanks to K., fabulous gal I know from church. At our last enrichment, she was demonstrating hair cut "how to's" and needed some volunteers. I was one of the lucky parents she pulled aside!! She not only trimmed Whitney's hair but she also put some fun layers in it which look perfect on her!! She looks so chic and grown up-I am finding it difficult not to run to K. and have her give me a matching haircut. Plus she has been wanting me to post a picture of her with her missing top tooth!


NaDell said...

That is a super cute cut.
She's so tan already!
I like how your motto (or should be anyway) is on her shirt.

David and Kira said...

cute, cute, cute. She does look so grown up with that cut!

Keely said...

Well, I'm glad she likes it!