Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Late Mothers' Day

Well we had kind of a crazy weekend-I was in bed sick pretty much all day
Saturday-some stomach bug which I happened to pass on to my husband who started
feeling under the weather halfway through our church meetings today. So luckily
when i was feeling sick yesterday-my hubby and girls gave me my presents
(Joe isn't one to wait until the official day to give presents). I received Roses and Daisies
*my two favorite flowers*, chocolate and balloons. The last items probably weren't
such a good idea as my girls fought over them quite a bit the rest of the weekend.
So today my husband was bed ridden and so no R&R for me today.
I am thinking I will have to cash in a rain check-maybe next weekend
when his family comes to visit. LOL!! Just kidding....
but I will force him to go with me to see this sometime in the future
(I have free tickets!!):

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