Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Girls @ School.

Today was Ambers last day of Pre-school and yesterday she had graduation. Here she is with her Teacher-Miss Jana really has my admiration for all that she does for these children.Chill'n with sister afterwards.Brookie has decided that she likes to walk on her knees.Whitney calls Brooke's hair "George Washington" Hair..too funny.

Whitney's class had a week where the students taught mini lessons. Whitney picked mutton busting-she taught the class what you wear, how you enter and what she does to hold on to the sheep. Afterwards the class watched a short video of her last two rides. Here she is pointing out that sometimes you get a shirt when you do mutton busting:


NaDell said...

Just a little comment. Take it or leave it.

Watch out for that "knee walking".
My niece is turning two the middle of June and started walking like four months ago. She walked on her knees for 6 months though.
Totally capable of real walking, just stubborn and didn't want to do what Andy's sister wanted, I think.

George Washington hair is HILARIOUS!
Love the report. What grade is she in this year? I'm trying to figure out how soon that's coming...

Aleina said...

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