Monday, May 04, 2009

Makin a little Money!!

Okay so I was asked about You Data over the weekend and I was excited to share more information about it. You Data pays you to look at advertisers websites. Now I want to say that it doesn't pay you large amounts of money-but it does pay an average of about 20 cents each time you click on an ad. This does ad up. The great thing about it is that it pays you directly through your pay pal account-and it pays you every week-as long as you have looked at the ads given you. You don't have to reach a certain dollar amount before you get paid like some of the survey sites out there do. I love checking my e-mail and seeing $2.35 or $.56 just got deposited into my account. No matter how small the amount-it's money that wasn't there before and I actually see it in my account instead of just slowly accumulating in some earnings bar waiting for it to reach that magical number that seems impossible. And sign up is so easy-they don't ask you for much personal information at all which I really like. So check it out-click on the YouData banner on the right side of my blog and sign up's a great way to make a couple cents here and there and pretty soon you will be surprised how much that ads up to.

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