Friday, August 01, 2008

Backyard Fun

Here are some more pictures of the girls playing outside in the water.The girls couldn't wait for the water to warm in the pool before starting their fun so it was a little short-lived. The sprinklers came on while we were out and they thought that was fun-except Brooke.


Jake and Angie said...

That looks fun!

NaDell said...

Cute girls! I love seeing their personalities through pictures!

Jake and Angie said...

I got the hair bows in the mail today, and Kyrah loves them. I took a picture with them in, and they are not in great, but she wanted them in fast, so they are just on the top of her head. I'll post the picture on my blog sometime in the next couple days.

Heidi said...

I totally love the expression on Brooke's face.