Saturday, August 23, 2008


Joe interviewed for a job on Thursday and Friday he got the call that told him he got the job!! We are so excited because now we get to stay in our house and in the area we love. His first day of work is on monday-which is also the first day of school-which is also my birthday!!! We are really excited to finally be able to tell everyone we are here to stay. On a side note- i got called to be one of the Beehive advisors in my ward-there are 16 things can get pretty crazy real fast. My first MIA night was last wednesday and we did a sleepover at this amazing 6-7 car garage home -the girls were ectstatic to stay there. I ofcourse didn't stay the night-due to having to be home to feed Brooke-but I heard they were up at all hours..not surprising.


David and Kira said...

Yeah, Joe!! I'm glad that things have worked out for you there. And to be in beehives!! HA! HA! I remember that awkward stage oh to well!

Heidi said...

YAHOO!! That is awesome that your hubby got a job! I'm glad you guys are staying! Oh and I heard about that beehive sleepover from Brittney, crazy.....with 16 girls now, WOW!

Devin, Shellie, Addie, Connor & Baby said...

That's great. We totally know how you feel. Devin just got a job too. Looks like we are both being blessed now. Good luck with the new job Joe. Love your blog you guys.