Thursday, August 21, 2008

One of my Favorite Things!!!

Mountain Madness Soap Company makes the best handmade soaps I have ever tried. I came across them at a mall in Spokane when I lived there. They don't only smell fabulous but they are so beautiful. They last longer than I had thought they would when I first tried them. They are so much fun too-you can buy one bar and cut off smaller chunks of it for your kids to use-or to share with friends. I am now hooked..the lavender is heavenly...i mean it smells like what lavender should smell like. My expectation level now of anything else to smell "lavender" has been raised by this bar of soap. Now that my stock is out.. i am having withdrawals. Thankfully they have an online store..yeah!!! These soaps really make me feel pampered. And they aren't all that expensive either--especially when you think how long it takes to make each one..six weeks..yikes.
Ones I have tried so far : Organic Lavender, Lilacs in Bloom, Raw Almonds
Ones I can't wait to try: Lemon Peel, Blackberry Jasmine
My favorite: Organic Lavender-just look how pretty it is!!

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