Sunday, July 27, 2008

Carpet Cleaning Tips!!!

There's nothing better than getting a stain out of your carpet that you thought would never come out. Hopefully some of the following tips will give you hope. Okay so here are my cleaning tips for carpets-or rather the things that I have found that worked for me.

Stain removal:

My #1 product this year that I use--drum roll please.....ammonia. I know so basic, yet effective. I mix up my own windex mixture of ammonia (lemon scented) and water minus the blue food coloring and use it for almost everything. The best thing I use it for is spots on the carpet or on my couches. It eliminates odors and gets almost anything out-without bleaching (so important)-chocoalate comes out so easily-.

Another method that has saved my carpet lately: Good old clothes iron. If you have ever had koolaid or anything with red dye #??? in it land on your carpet--you know what frustration is and heaven help the child who is responsible. Well fear no more-just place a damp towel(white or light colored one) over the stain and steam iron over it until the red gets sucked out of the carpet and into the towel like magic. You may add dawn liquid dishsoap if water alone isn't cutting it. Be patient it takes a few minutes of ironing for this to work-sometimes at least twenty but the result is worth it. The sooner you do this after the stain is made the better for you to get the best result. --I wish I knew about this one alot sooner than I did!!!

Always let playdough dry before trying to clean it off carpet.

If you get something sticky on your carpet like maple syrup...pour boiling water on it, then soak it up with a towel. Repeat until all the sticky residue comes up. It's very important to allow this area to completely dry without any traffic going through it.

And finally here are some deodorizing tricks:
Sprinkle some baking soda mixed with your favorite laundry detergent (not the liquid kind) on your carpet, let sit for about five minutes or longer if you feel it necessary, then vacuum it up. It leaves your entire house smellng so fresh.

You can also mix some fabric softener with water and spray it around the house like febreeze.

And do try to steam clean your carpets at least once a year and if possible, wear socks around your house.

Well I hope you like my tips and that you find them helpful with you housecleaning-or carpet cleaning.


NaDell said...

Thanks for the good tips. A few weeks ago, my friend told me that she found red ink pen on one of her favorite shirts and so I went home and looked in my Queen of Clean book (which uses recipes like yours that are cheap and work) and it said to soak it for a couple of hours in milk. It worked! No more ink.

Mikaela said...

Those are awesome tips! I will be referencing this A LOT, i have a feeling! Thanks for the info Arin!

Mike said...

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Henry Gay said...

These are some pretty useful tips! I would just advice people to be mindful of using ammonia because it is a hazardous substance. Also, it should only be used on a certain spot of dirt or stain and not on the entire surface of the carpet. If you frequently use it on the entire carpet, it can change its color and weaken the fibers over time.

Leigh Eagle said...

Before applying those homemade carpet cleaning chemicals, do not forget to vacuum it first or sweep it with a broom to remove the fibers and loose dirt. Then, when the carpet is already dry and you’ve finished applying the chemicals, vacuum it again to remove soap residues.

Jackelyn Lippard said...

Thanks for sharing these useful tips, Arin. Anyhow, if your carpet was stained with crayon, or any other stubborn stains, you can try the vinegar solution. You can remove these tough stains by simply dipping an old toothbrush or cloth on a bowl of vinegar and scrubbing the stained area.