Thursday, July 10, 2008

So you think you can dance--so far favorites

Okay so I don't often take time to discuss dance too much on my blog-but c'mon it's one of my favorite passions in this life and when So you think you can dance comes around every summer-it takes a lot to keep me away from the T.V. So far through the competition I have my favorites: Chelsea and Mark--just love them, they danced my favorite routine thus far of the season: Bleeding Love- give me chills whenever I watch it. I haven't seen a routine they've done yet that I don't like and they really connect with eachother, their characters in the dance, and the audience.
Next favorite couple is a toss up between Kerrington/Twitch and Gev/Courtney-just think they are fabulous to watch.
Individually I like Will and Thayne-but really wish Thayne had better partners. I am not a big fan of Comfort or Josh-they just don't reach out to me with their dancing. It will be exciting to see the partner changing next week and who gets eliminated tonight.


Em & M's said...

I'm also a huge fan of this show and I look forward to it every week! I love Chelsea and Mark also, and Kherington and Twitch. Courtney and Gev just don't reach out to me. I think Will is awesome, and I'm also very impressed with Josh--for a big, tough-looking thug he really throws himself into each style. I agree with Thayne, I think he would be doing a lot better with different partners. I also think Will's partner is holding him back. I am excited to see what they do next week with the change-ups. I have a feeling it will be Comfort and Thayne leaving tonight though.

David and Kira said...

Loved Bleeding Love also. I went to go show David the clip on youtube, and it wasn't on anymore due to copyrights!! I was so bummed. LOVED IT!!

sunlover76 said...

I'm right there with you! I've fallen in love with this show, even though I don't know much about all the dance styles. I was so impressed with Twitch's solo last night - just amazing how he sped up with the music. I can't wait to see what happens when they put a really tall dancer (Kerington) with a short dancer (Mark)...should be fun to watch!

Devin, Shellie, Addie, Connor & Baby said...

Hey guys! Sounds like you got settled in your house again. Those pics from Utah are so cute. I sure was good to see you before we moved away ourselves. We are getting settled here in Texas and job prospects are looking very good. Talk to you later.