Monday, July 21, 2008

She learned more today than just to ride her bike...

Okay so Whitney has about mastered her bike!! Yes!! But What she hasn't mastered is the whole turn your head only and not the rest of your body when looking behind you. Yep that's just what she did and she ran smack into another biker, who was riding cautiously behind her to the left. But at the speed of both bikers and the reaction time given-brakes didn't help too much in preventing the crash. From that she learned exactly how important it was to wear her helmet, as she went flying foward and down on her own bike. Through this She learned that not only can you hurt yourself-if you don't ride correctly, but you can also hurt your bike or in this case, another person's bike. She then learned to wait while other Biker got transportation in working condition again and proceeded to escort young biker back home--of course riding in front this time around. I am sure this will not be the last of things learned while riding a bike this summer. I will have to post up pictures of her successful bike riding skills-as she does a good job and at times-she really likes to go fast-I mean she passes me sometimes on my bigger bike. "...the need for speed!!" Heaven help us all when she gets her drivers license. LOL.

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NaDell said...

I heard at a kindergarten readiness class I went to with Elizabeth that if there is any crash at all with helmets hitting the ground or car seats that they should be replaced. I think it weakens the plastic. Just so you know.