Tuesday, March 18, 2008

summer and issues with the economy.

Well I really feel like summer has hit my house-even though the weather would say otherwise. I guess I am just thinking that because we are already planning summer trips and whitney's birthday and hoping that we will get to do some house shopping soon. We have had showings on our house this last week-so I hope to hear good news soon-we've had one offer that was too low-we would have lost $15,000 on the house in taking thankyou. I guess I am just really frustrated with not the market right now-but the people shopping in's not like our house is a foreclosure and you can expect to clean house on us..literally. I am really tired of dropping interest rates-stimulus packages, sale prices are already low-c'mon people just buy a house. It's the people putting each other in debt these days-not the people in office. Ofcourse as country we are in debt to other countries. Lets just take care of our own and turn the economy back to what it once was-pay off your debt, save/invest your money and live within your means-and buy american made stuff. Lets build up america's economy-since when did we have to be reliant on other countries?? Okay I have officially stepped off my soap box. I am a much calmer person now that i have vented-all for the purpose of wanting to live in more than 900 sq. feet with my family of 5. And I am a total hypocrite because i own a a foreign vehicle and will probably purchase another when next i buy one.


David and Kira said...

I say lets start drilling in our own country with whom we are not at war with! C'mon!

I'm with ya Arin! Good luck on selling your home. We lived in our Provo home basement (950 sq ft) for 2 months before moving into our home now! I feel for ya!

Brooklet said...

Ahh, its a scary time to be selling a home now! We have to sell our home next year and I am scared- especially her in PA where there are tons of homes for sell and not many buyers. Good luck with your home. I am sure that it will work out for you!

Mikaela said...

Yeah, it totally sucks! It's good for the buyers, but pretty crappy for the sellers...when driving through Boise this last week, I couldn't believe the growth. I haven't been there in 5 years, but it was INSANE! So no wonder you're having a heck of a time...I'm with ya though, IT SUCKS!

David and Kira said...

Arin, our blog is going private and I want to add you as a reader, email me at so I can put you on the list!

Your family is so cute!