Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Madness

Sorry if you are totally bored by this post, I apologize in advance if you find yourself rolling your eyes- but hey, maybe you will find yourself watching bball the next few weeks when you sit and fold your laundry.
Okay so i am one of those that really love this competition. I have to start off with saying that i didn't always like it-or really even knew it existed until my roommate in college introduced me to her love of Duke basketball. I am competitive by nature and so i enjoy when a game goes into Overtime-which I think happens more frequently in this competition than others. I do have my favorite colleges that i root for every year if they are in: Gonzaga, Wakeforest, Villanova-which most times happen to be the underdogs- I like a good upset too, which happens alot too. YOU never know what will happen in this tournament-its so unpredictable sometimes. With that being said my final four picks are these teams: Texas, Duke, North Carolina, Kansas. with Kansas winning. I don't have any #3 #4 ranked teams in the final four-usually i have at least one but not this time-so we'll see how it goes. And no, I don't enter into any competition to see who does better but I do compare my bracket to joe's. He has won nearly every year we do this. But well see who comes out victorious this year. And I dedicate this post to angie-you aren't alone in posting about college basketball!!!


Jake and Angie said...

Thanks Arin, Not many people post about basketball. GO DUKE!!!

Mikaela said...

Hi, I've gone private on my blog as well. If you guys want to read it, please send me an email, and I will invite you: