Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bragging time-

I just thought I would dedicate a blog bragging about my kids. Yes I am going to do it. And here are the main reasons: while I don't think my kids are smarter than say your kids-I still think they are smart and deserve praise now and they have been driving me crazy lately so I thought if not for anything else it would remind me exactly how special they are. So I thought I would write the top 3 things that come to mind about each;

1. Okay she really is smart, I can't help it. She can already read and is really good at math. She loves to learn and is always so inquisitive.
2. She gets dissapointed with herself when she does something wrong. She got her card turned in class the other day for talking out of turn and she about cried the rest of the day she felt so bad about what she did. It's really heartbreaking but I know she learned her lesson.
3. She is a great help at home and grabs those wipes for mommy when i need her to.

1. She is potty trained-yes you knew this already-but we've gone almost two weeks without pullups during bed time. No bed wetting accidents to date-and no more buying 2 sizes of diapers..yippee.. I am very proud of her.
2.She is always good for laugh-I mean she is a total showoff-loves to be in the spotlight and it's hysterical really how she acts around guests. The missionaries got a little red in the face when she asked them for kisses-as she loves giving them. And for some odd reason she calls all boys "MIKE"-all I can think of is that she has a boy cousin named michael and and uncle mike so she thinks the word for boy-is mike???
3.I know this one will sound very vain-but she really does have the most gorgeous hair..Its so thick-never tangles and the color is like a shiny penny when in the sunlight.

1. She looks equally like both of her sisters so no matter which one we are with I don't have to worry about people asking me whether they are related to each other.
2. She is a very good nurser-which really saves us money from having to buy formula.
3. She almost sleeps through the night-just wakes up once.


David and Kira said...

I think you should brag about your kids whenever you want! There's to much negative anyway and so it's nice to hear the positive! Thanks!!

Mikaela said...

I think your kids are just darling. Sorry we haven't had much time together since you've moved here. I never know what I'm doing in an hour let alone the next day! hehe! And btw, I agree, Amber has gorgeous hair! Is it bragging for me to say that considering my son has very similar color? LOL!