Saturday, March 15, 2008

Baby name tag

Well I got tagged to share how my kiddos received their names..

Whitney Mikaela: Joe and I couldn't agree on any names except for these two...and two weeks before she was born I found out that my friend Jennifer named one of her twins Whitney Kay-But I was still going to name her what I wanted to no matter how close it was to someone elses.-and I did have it picked out prior to finding out-just in case anyone was interested. We also each have cousins named whitney and mikaela- Her name means: White Island Like God.

Amber Joy: So again we couldn't decide on a name so when we got ready to go to the hospital I wrote down four names that I liked and handed it to joe telling him he could pick from them :
Megan, Amber, Heather, Bridgette(brett for short). She kind of named herself since she was born with Red hair we figured she had to be amber. Joy is my grandmother's maiden name and also Joe's sisters middle name too. Her name means : Jubilant (Red/Golden) Gem.

Brooke Naomi: We always had a list of "B" names that we liked-we made up the list when we were engaged thinking it would be fun to name all of our kids with the letter B-but obviously it never happened. When we found out we were having another girl-we immediately liked Brooke from that list (others were girls: Bridgette, Brett, Brienna (Brie) boys: Braxton, Braedon) After we decided on Brooke I went in search of a middle name that sounded good with it and when I came across Naomi-it just had a nice ring to it. Her names means Beautiful Stream.


Carrie said...

I love this post! It's so fun to learn things like this. Your girls are going to enjoy knowing where their names came from, too.

Brian and Jenn said...

Such cute names. You sound like us not being able to agree on names.

Brooklet said...

I liked this post too. Especially since you like the name Brooke, which I am a little partial too. My mom found the name on a soap opera and liked it. So thats how I got my name. And joy is my middle name! I have always loved it. Your little girls are so beautiful and their names fit them so well!