Saturday, February 02, 2008

Walker celebrates in "the House that Walker" built.

Last night Walker Construction (who Joe works for) celebrated their 25th anniversary as a company in the newly restored Fox Theatre in downtown Spokane. We were able to tour the inside and enjoy refreshments. Afterwards the company owners thanked all of the employees and recognized special employees, including the very first person Walker hired, who still works for the company to this day. They hired a Jazz band to entertain us with swingin songs for the remainder of the event. We ofcourse didn't stay for all of it. We invited our friends the Johnsons along for the evening and even with Joe's back trauma we had fun. Here are a few pictures of us and the theatre. click on the 2nd picture to see the chandelier detailing-it's pretty neat.


Carrie said...

You're good friends with Jared and Ginger? Too cool! My older sister married Jared's brother.

Did you get to dance at all with Joe's back being out? At least a slow song?

Arin said...

Actually everyone just sat while the band played in the auditorium We left early (like after the first song) due to joe's back hurting him. Plus Joe isn't much of a dance aficianado.