Sunday, February 24, 2008

How we spent our Weekend

I had Stake women's conference yesterday, which was wonderful. It was about trusting in the Lord and giving our lives to him, that he will comfort us and give us strength when it is needed. I took Brooke with me and she was very good-she was awake through most of it and didn't even whimper once. When I got home-the missionaries came over and helped Joe put the girls bunkbed together-there is so much more room there and the girls love it. Later we went to a baptism and that evening I went out shopping to find dresses for Amber-she's all but grown out of the ones she has. I was lucky and found three very cute ones each under $12-Fred Meyer had a sale 60% of clearance prices...awesome. While out shopping I renewed an old acquaintance, a girl from my hometown. She just moved here last fall. I got her number and hopefully will be having her over for a visit very soon-She even lives in my Stake-cool huh? And then today-Joe and I spoke in Sacrament meeting about fellowshipping and friendship. Many people complimented us on our talks so I think we did a good job. I think Joe felt cheated a bit-because i took up a good portion of the time and there was a musical number in between. Amber was very naughty when it was my turn and Joe had to take her out in the hall-so it didn't all go smoothly. I guess the weekend was so busy with things and preparing that it seemed to just go by so quickly-I hope this week slows down a little-at least long enough for me to get in a cat nap.

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Mikaela said...

This is honestly my favorite time of year to shop! I'm glad you found some great deals. I bet dresses can get expensive.

Glad your talks went well. Sounds like you guys kept incredibly busy this weekend!