Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Its been a while since i posted pictures so here are some fun ones from the last few weeks.

Lately Brooke has been sticking her tongue out alot-recently she has been exploring the corners of her mouth- as this picture funny.

Brooke reminds me of Arica in this picture with the duck-she looks similar to Violet.

This is what happenss when you leave your five year old alone with your 2 month old!!! Her first teaparty --here she is sporting a classic tiara and pink tutu .


Jake and Angie said...

Cute Pictures!! I don't think my five-year old would have a tea party. My three year-old would though.

Carrie said...

I love the tea party. She's already a princess at just two months.

Brooklet said...

Your girls are so beautiful! The oldest one looks so much like you!

Arin said...

You know when your parents say "I hope you have a daughter just like you" well it happened and with the first one..she even acts like me too.