Monday, March 01, 2010

Sunshine and getting closer to Answers..

Today is so nice- outside the sun has been shining all day and the birds are out singing. It finally feels like spring here. I just hope it continues throughout the rest of the week. Today Amber finally got her evaluation testing done to narrow down exactly what she is having difficulties with and why. I meet with the team of Occ. therapists, neurophyscologist, and speech pathologist to discuss what she has (SPD, ADD, Austism,etc????). It will be so nice to finally get her the help she needs and hopefully with the best diagnosis. I have been trying to get this done since last fall-so I am excited. She starts speech therapy with the same center on Wednesday and I can only imagine that her progression will only speed up. The Neurophyscologist said this about Amber when her 4 hour long testing was done, "She is funny, that one definitely dances to the beat of her own drum." Which is so true-she is always keeping us laughing at the things she does. I would not be suprised if she becomes the "class clown" at school because of her personality. It's one of the things I love about my Big Red.


Synergy Girl said...

So nice when you can see an end in sight, and a beginning coming!! My Oakley girl has had problems with UTI's for a year and a half. She has beaten the records at her doctors office...which I wish I could say we were proud of. She can go through spirts where she is getting them every other week...YIKES!! It has been hard going through testing and meds to find things that will keep her healthy...!!

Mikaela said...

I'm happy that you have finally been able to get some answers. It definately helps so, so much!

Ginger said...

We've been there and we wish you all the best of luck. I adore Maddy's OT and Speech Pathologist, they help me feel like such a better mom and like I can handle anything my little one can dish out! But while it is nice to have a diagnosis sometimes, just my advice, don't read too much into it, I feel like the more I keep things normal and treat Maddy the same as everyone else the better off her life is and mine. I know your situation probably is different than ours, but that perspective helps me a lot.